Moving Checklist

When you want to execute a move within your city or out of your city or out of your state, there are many things to keep in mind and to take care of. Advance preparation is the main key to a successful relocation.
Create a handy checklist to make your difficult move stress free and easy. With the help of a checklist, you can ensure that you are totally prepared for moving your goods on a moving day and after the relocation.
The below given the checklist gives smart shifting ideas to help you go through the all-important task effectively and to stay focused during a local or a domestic move.

Checklist to move into your new home

3 months before the move

  • Prepare a relocation document in a file folder or on your personal computer.
  • Compile all your papers or notes in one place such as estimates from movers, packing lists and the contact details of your owners, utilities, friends, etc.
  • Never waste your money on paying for things that you don’t use or fit at your new home anymore. So, declutter your items.
  • When you have finalized what items you should take, you are able to get the right moving estimate, or you can choose a proper moving vehicle for performing a DIY relocation.
  • Determine whether you are going to execute a DIY move or you hire a moving company.
  • When you select a relocation the company, try to get at least 3 estimates.
  • Then, book a relocation service provider of your choice.
  •  If you are performing a DIY shift and you still require a moving vehicle, get 3 quotes for renting a moving truck from the shifting company.
  • Research about your new area or your new city, where you want to make a move.
  •  Find a new job in your new city, if you don’t have one.
  • Carry out tasks to shift your kids to a new school.
  •  Find a new childcare service or a play center for your kids.
  • Find out all things available in your new neighborhood.
  • Enroll your name and get an appointment at your nearest medical center, if you have any health problems.

2 months before the move

  •  Try to give away or sell, your unwanted items by sorting and collecting them in individual boxes.
  • Begin using the items in the refrigerator and have limited eatables until your moving day.
  •  Verify your house insurance policy to ensure that your households are covered during your relocation and from the day you shift in, as well.
  • When you are shifting to a longer distance, book a hotel for your night stay and get a good space for safe parking.

1 month before the move

  •      Buy or collect your packing boxes from any store, or from your friends and relatives.
  •         Buy packing supplies for packing your products properly and safely.
  •         Decide the right packing area to pack your items and keep your packing essentials.
  •         If you are renting a house, notify your owner about your move in writing.
  •         If you are in a fixed period lease, you should provide more notice time.
  •     Book for extra storage space and let your moving company know your new address and the relocation date.
  •         Notify your utility service providers like water supply, telephone, bank, internet, electricity, etc, about your shift and the new address.
  •         Get your own vehicle serviced, when you are shifting particularly to a longer distance.
  •         Hire verified Packers and Movers such as movers n packers in Pune.

2 weeks before the move

  •     Confirm the arrival time of your relocation service provider and make final arrangements.
  •     Pack the essentials of all family members including products such as towels, water, sheets, favorite toys and healthy snacks.
  •      Prepare relocation day essentials box and do not forget to pack a towel and clean sheets for every family member for the first night at your new home.
  •      Arrange a caretaker to look after your kids and pets during the moving day, if possible.
  •      Arrange a cleaner, if you want to use it.

1 week before the move

  •         Perform some final minute laundry at your home.
  •        Begin dis-assembling any flat pack furniture.
  •         Communicate with your new homeowner or your real estate agent about getting keys of your new home.
  •         Ensure that your old house keys are with you and be ready to hand it over to the owner.
  •         Clean your new home or call for home cleaning services.
  •         Call for pest control services to be free from pests and insects.

2 days before the move

  •         Do not pack important kitchen products such as kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, utensils, etc, and leave a few toiletries in your bathroom.
  •         Complete all packing.
  •         Be sure, your moving companies know about your old address, new address, and where to park.
  •         Confirm the childcare and make arrangements for your pets.

1 day before the move

  •         Pack your documents and valuables to keep them in a secured place.
  •         Clean, defrost and dry out your refrigerator.
  •         Charge your mobile phones and other electronic devices you would be using during relocation.
  •         Keep your list of contact details and your file folder somewhere in a safe place.
  •         Check your car for enough fuel, water, oil, tires, air, etc.

On the moving day

  •         Be sure that your pets are secured before the movers arrive.
  •         Heave a healthy breakfast.
  •        When you don’t have childcare, arrange a place far from the movers with your kid's favorite toys and snacks.
  •      Welcome your moving team and show them the goods that you want to move, and you don’t want to.
  •         Do a last clean of the house or arrange someone to do it for you.
  •         Check the house in and out so that, nothing you leave behind.
  •         Finally, check the reading in the meters.
  •         Lock all the doors, windows and leave a few things that might be useful for the new occupier.
  •         Leave the address of your new place for new occupants, if you need your mail to be forwarded to you.

After the move

  •      Be ready at your new home to check that the house is clean and to receive your relocation company.
  •       Perform a quick check of your house for any problems like windows, latches, locks, etc, are working fine.
  •         Ensure that all services such as electricity, gas, water, telephone are working well.
  •         Check the meter when you come into your new home.
  •         Check whether your LPG cylinders are empty and if empty, then order for additional cylinders.
  •         When the relocation team arrives at your new home, provide them the floor plan to place your furniture and goods at the right spots.
  •         When the service providers have done their job, check the inside of the truck finally for any items left.
  •         Unpack your goods by using order on the first day of your moving. But, don’t try to unpack all the things on the same day.
  •         Arrange the bedding for you, your kids and pets.
  •         Arrange your child’s nursery and try to maintain its familiarity.
  •         Make arrangements for your lovely pets at your new home.
  •         Order your food from outside takeaways until you set up your new home.

Employ the above-given checklist to have a peaceful and organized relocation.


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