How much Chennai Packers and Movers Charge?

Generally, expert packers and movers will have standard or fixed charges and it may vary according to each city, where they provide their trusted services. Here, we are about to discuss regarding the packers and movers Chennai charges that moving companies follow in Chennai city, the capital of Tamil Nadu, India. Being the sixth largest populated city in the country, Chennai has a huge number of packers and movers surviving and serving in the moving industry.

As there are no strict rules and laws followed by the moving companies in India, the charges for shifting in and out of Chennai differ a lot among the trusted movers and packers. So, people get confused with the rates fixed by each moving company and they even fall into the condition of which mover to believe. This creates a major trouble among customers in Chennai in determining their best relocation company to move their valuable households based to their budget.

In order to make Chennai people be clear about the standard moving charges and to decide their best moving company, the approximate rates fixed by professional packers and movers is shown below for making a convenient decision. The charges mentioned in the tables below are based on the type of shifting you do and it really helps you in planning your budget before you start to relocate inside or outside of Chennai city.

Household shifting charges in Chennai

The charges provided below depend on the type of move you execute, such as, a local or a domestic household move.

1.For Local Move

A local move is considered as moving your households from one area to another area within the limits of Chennai city. The approximate moving charges for local households shifting ranges from Rs…………… to Rs……………
There are also some factors that affect local moving rates in Chennai are provided below for your reference.

Factors involved in local moving charges

Amount and volume of households: The amount and volume of items are the two most important things that decide the moving rates of local shifting process. Here, the quantity of goods which requires to be shifted will decide the type of moving vehicle or truck needed for the local move. So, the charges rely on the total volume of your households and the type of transportation vehicle used to shift them safely within Chennai.
The relocation charges may range from Rs…………. to Rs…………….. for the type of vehicle used for local households shifting in Chennai.                                                                              
Size of the house
Transportation costs



Packing and materials used: As you have to move for a short distance within the Chennai city, there are fewer chances that your goods would be damaged. Hence, basic quality packing will be done for your normal households like kitchenware, clothes, etc., standard quality packing will be provided for furniture and other appliances, and good quality packing will be done for your electronic and delicate goods. So, the packing charges also affect the local shifting costs and it is based on the quantity and quality of packing supplies used.
The packing costs may range from Rs…………………. to Rs………………..according to the size of the house.
Size of the house
Packing Costs



Workforce required: This is also a factor affecting the costs of a local household move. This includes number of people involved in disassembling, packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and assembling of all your goods.
The labor rates may range from Rs……………….. to Rs…………………….. , depending on amount of people involved.
Size of the house
Workforce required
Labor costs



Optional services used: Normally, disassembling and assembling of electronic appliances are not done by moving companies. Even, if you need these services, they may arrange some other alternatives, or they may perform the needed services at extra charges. The costs may vary based on the products or appliances they have to dismantle and reassemble.
Electronic Appliances



Physical effort involved: The quantity of physical effort needed during loading and unloading of your items is based on few things if, the distance from the door step to the moving vehicle is greater than 100 meters, any roping facility is needed for some things to move in and out of your house or if your items should be moved from the top to ground floor without any lift facility in your building.
In these cases, the additional costs will be added based on the physical activity involved and the charges may range from Rs………………. to Rs……………………
Tipping charges: After your shifting process is completed, if you are satisfied with the services offered by the moving company, you can provide some tipping amount to the workers. It would be a good thing to appreciate the efforts of employees and the moving company’s services.

Standard charges for local moving in Chennai

Normally, for a local move, the amount of distance travelled will not be considered as a factor because, if you shift inside the city, that will not make much difference in the average charges. After studying the above mentioned factors involved in a local move, the approximate rates for performing local households shifting in Chennai are given below.
Size of the House
Moving Charges
Packing Charges
Labor Charges
Average Total Cost



2.For Domestic Move

A domestic shift is regarded as relocating your households from Chennai city to another city within or outside a State. The average costs for intercity moving ranges from Rs…………… to Rs……………
There are also some factors involved, that affect the domestic shifting costs in Chennai are given below for your reference.

Factors involved in domestic relocation costs

Transportation distance: Here, the major deciding factor is the distance travelled by the moving vehicle carrying your goods with total care. That is, for longer distance, more charges you have to make. The city or state to which you are moving will also affect your relocation costs.
Vehicle type involved: The domestic shifting costs are also based on the type of moving vehicle you need to shift your households. Here, you can opt for a fully dedicated vehicle and when you are transporting through a dedicated or a single truck, your delivery will be faster.
The charges for hiring a single truck may range from Rs…………. to Rs…………, according to your house size and the distance moved.
Else, you can choose a truck which shares two to three households to transport the goods. Here, as it takes some time for delivery, the charges will be very less than a dedicated one. The moving costs will be calculated depending on the goods volume of the vehicle.
Packing quality: This factor also affects the costs for domestic moving, as your goods will be protect ted with good quality packing during long distance transportation. Quantities of items also play a major role in determining the packing charges all the goods.
The standard packing charges may range from Rs……………….. to Rs…………………. and it may add up to Rs………………… in case of special packing of fragile items.
Manpower involved: According to the workforce and quantity of effort involved in finishing the packing and shifting process for intercity moving, the labor costs will be included based on the approximate packing and shifting charges of your households.
The labor charges may range from Rs……………….. to Rs……………… for packing, loading and unloading per person.
Unpacking of your goods: For domestic moving, unpacking of your delivered items will not be performed by the movers at the destination. If needed, unpacking services would be offered at extra costs. The add-on services such as disassembling, assembling, unloading, unpacking and arrangement of your goods at your new home will be added more to your approximate charges.
The unpacking and assembling charges may range from Rs…………………… to Rs……………………..based on the size of the home and number of people involved.
Insurance: Taking insurance on your households is a good thing, which provides full safety while moving them from one city to another city. Even, if you are not taking insurance for entire goods, taking at least for your precious and fragile items is highly recommended.
The insurance charges are calculated at 3% based on total value of your items.
Storage costs: If you want your household goods to be stored in a storage provided by relocation or warehouse companies for as long as you need, your items will be charged in daily basis. Here, they ensure the maintenance of your inventory storage and they even offer complete security.
As most storage companies provide free storage for 15 days, the costs will be calculated for additional storage days and it may range from Rs……………….. to Rs……………………..
Bike or car moving: Sometimes, your relocation of your bike or car or both is also considered as one of the factors while performing a domestic relocation. The moving charges are determined according to the size of the vehicle, distance moved and the insurance value. The bike and car relocation charges are mentioned below in the table depending on to which city your vehicle would be shifted from Chennai city.
Shifting your vehicle from Chennai to

Standard costs for domestic relocation in Chennai:

When booking for domestic packers and movers in Chennai, you have to find a professional and trusted moving company which is affordable and takes very good care of your belongings.
Chennai to/House type
Only few households





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